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Hello Love, Congratulations on finding our page! Are you interested in how I have managed to travel almost nonstop 7 years of my life? Dive extremely deep into spirituality, having reached multiple experiences of what they call enlightened state? Or developed a worldwide network of multitalented friends who I was a fan of before I even knew them?

Law of attraction and manifestation techniques have been out there for as long as we know. With the booming times of internet is seems like it’s everywhere. New gurus popping up from every angle claiming they have discovered the secret. I’ve been one of them too.

In fact I got so confident in my manifestation skills that while being completely broke from travelling  a 23 year old me –  pulled in a job opportunity within 3 months that payed me twice as much as the president of my country made at the time.

I thought I had nailed it. I worked my ass off and got everything I wanted. But for my surprise ended up in a black misery hole.

I did not expect to experience such loneliness at the top. How is it possible to have anything you want in the world but still feel empty inside? The entire time I did not see behind the secrets. I was filling a hole.


To dig into what is the truth behind the teachings. I had to drop into the other side. Go places most people don’t have time to go and do things most people are scared to do. I had to learn the hard way what happiness is.  and to do that I spent al my money because I have dedicated myself to  become an educated wise teacher.

Like Albert Einstein said” Information is not knowledge. Real knowledge comes from experience. You need experience to gain real wisdom.”

So my story is about an enthusiast wo did not know  the deeper truth. For that I almost had to give up my life. After 7 years of manifesting I picked up a beginners mindset again and learned these techniques to feel the sense of coming home in my heart again. To become love and share light. So I want to share with you in the upcoming webinar series all the tools that opened the backdoors to my higher calling and inner peace <3